About AusGeothermal

about ausgeothermal

AusGeothermal have been manufacturers of high quality efficient heating/cooling and hot water products for the past 10 years. What you need to know about AusGeothermal is that we have an extensive record of projects and installations throughout Australia, ranging from small domestic homes through to the most advanced luxury builds, and commercial heating/cooling and hot water projects.

AusGeothermal offer a wide range of services, starting from in house design manufacturing and installation of a full range of geothermal ground sourced and air sourced heating/cooling and hot water systems. Our installation services include ground loops, pumps, manifolds, hydronic materials, pipe and fittings, hot water tanks, fan coil units, sheet metal fabrication, ducting, grills and system controls.

We pride ourselves on quality efficiency and after sales service to both our clients and dealer network.

We also offer a commissioning, fault finding and testing service to guarantee the best performance possible from our equipment.

AusGeothermal also run a continuous research and development program to provide new and improved highly efficient heating and cooling products, including packages to suit the Australian climate and home designs.