Geothermal Hot Water Production

How this works

By using AusGeothermal Ground Source heat pumps hot water can be produced via a plate heat exchanger, which is mounted in the unit.

The heat exchanger works by transferring heat from discharge refrigerant superheated by the system’s compressor through a set of copper and stainless steel plates. Water passes over the opposite side of these plates absorbing heat and re-circulating back to your sanitary hot water cylinder or via hydronic heating.

When the system is being used for heating or cooling, hot water can be produced for free.


Ground loops can be arranged in different configurations, to suit your application

Horizontal trenching is the most cost effective way to install ground loops. Trenches that are 450-600 mms wide and normally 30 metres long can be installed at various depths to suit ground conditions.

Where space is an issue ground loops can be installed into 100mm bore holes that are 30 metres long. Bore holes are then filled with a grouting mixture to transfer heat into the earth.

Maintenance of AusGeothermal systems

AusGeothermal systems require minimum maintenance due to the design of the DX geothermal system.

No top up water or glycol is used in our system, which means high efficiency and user-friendly design.

Ducted systems require air filters to be cleaned when necessary. We provide instructions so that you can easily carry this out yourself.

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