AusGeothermal Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pumps

Manufacture and Supply of High Quality Australian Made Ground Source Geothermal Heat Pumps

AusGeothermal heat pumps are manufactured using the highest quality parts and latest technology, such as high efficiency Copeland scroll compressors, coupled with ozone friendly R410a refrigerant.

  • Single phase 240v, 50 Hz units can be supplied in a range of capacities from 5-20kw. Our 18-20kw unit is very popular with clients who do not have natural gas and have single phase power supply. Soft starters are used to reduce current draw on unit start up. The unit can be configured to supply ducted heating and cooling, as well as all your hot water needs including domestic hot water and hydronic heating.
  • Three phase 415v; 50 Hz units can be manufactured in any size to suit your heating and cooling needs.
  • AusGeothermal units are manufactured in kit form for easy installation. Information and installation courses can be arranged for installation companies who resell our technology.
  • Warranty: all our units have a 5 year domestic parts warranty.

AusGeothermal provide our customers with an environmentally friendly heating, cooling and hot water solution. With energy savings of up to 40% –70% and by using an Australian owned, operated and made company, we can work together to manufacture a heat pump solution for your application.

  • AusGeothermal DX reverse cycle GSHPs (Ground Source Heat Pumps)
  • AusGeothermal DX hydronic GSHPs
  • AusGeothermal water to water GSHPs (open loop water bore) or HDPE (High Density Polyethylene ground loops – Pond loops – Slinky loops etc)
  • AusGeothermal commercial water to water GSHPs – Custom sizing and design available to suit many applications


  • Ducted heating and cooling
  • Sanitary and bulk hot water
  • Hydronic heating
  • Large scale hydronic heating
  • Nursing homes/hospitals
  • Hot houses/growers
  • District heating
  • Swimming pools

Heat from the earth can be absorbed or dissipated in many ways using:

  • Ground water from lakes, dams, aquifers, (existing and new water bores can be used with AusGeothermal open loop GSHP’s)

Earth temperature is transferred by:

  • Copper refrigerant loops (drilled and grouted )
  • Copper refrigerant loops (trenched and back filled)
  • HDPE water loops (drilled and grouted)
  • HDPE water loops (trenched and back filled)
  • HDPE pond loops


      Drilling can be conducted in tight access areas with different types of drilling equipment 

                               Find out more about our AusGeothermal ground source hydronic heating systems