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How does the cost of a geothermal system compare to a conventional system?

The installation cost for a geothermal system is higher than a conventional heating and cooling system, but this is quickly offset when you start saving up to 70% off your electricity bills.

After working on conventional systems I understand how much power they use. This is much better alternative for the environment and for your wallet.
Nick Hodgson
Owner, AusGeothermal

There is no minimum size house that we can install a unit in, but if you have a big house, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you start saving money, especially if you use geothermal heat pumps for both hot water and air conditioning.

Builders can integrate AusGeothermal products into their projects; with apps in place to control heating and cooling, the missing piece of smart technology falls into place while using less gas and less electricity, turning into savings for you.