100% Customer Satisfaction

After loosing our home to bushfires in 2009, my husband and I really wanted to take the time in planning our new home. More importantly a fire safe and particularly self-sufficient one, especially with the constant rise in the cost of living.
But where to start?

There were the few obvious choices, but I wanted something different, something better!
I had heard a little bit about geothermal, but I could never quite get my head around it. So we decided to explore further and took the leap and went and had a chat with Nick, Lisa and Team from AusGeothermal.
With their knowledge and friendly service, I was finally able to make sense of it, and with their clear passion for their product, not to mention it was locally made by them, I knew we would get the best. So we made the decision in that first meeting to go with it.
Well we did get the best. Nick, Lisa and Team were 100% committed to supplying good advice and service throughout the whole installation. And the outcome was better than expected.
Our geothermal heating, cooling & hot water work well with our solar & battery system. It doesn’t use a lot of power, which means our batteries have a longer life span and we don’t need to take power from the grid. The heating & cooling system doesn’t make you dehydrated and feeling uncomfortable like all the usual systems
10 years on, our winters are snug & cosy, our summers comfortable and with a constant supply of hot water. This is living!
I would highly recommend anyone wanting to travel this path to do it with Nick & Lisa from AusGeothermal. If we lost our home again, we would do this all again. No regrets!

Douglas & Kirsten Gallagher – Callignee Victoria

~ Kirsten and Douglas Gallagher - Callignee Victoria