Exceptional product knowledge and attention to detail

I approached AusGeothermal on recommendation from another hydronic specialist in Melbourne, as I wanted to explore the Geothermal avenue on our new build and they mentioned that AusGeothermal were the best.

So, I contacted Nick and drove an hour to their factory in Traralgon as I wanted to witness their work first hand to see the quality of their workmanship and the quality of the components they use. After all, it is a major component of the build, comprising of heating and cooling of the house as well as running hot water off the same system.

On inspection of the system I was pleasantly surprised that Nick was exceptional on the knowledge of his product and very proud of the fact that they don’t just buy a cheap complete unit from China, they prefer to buy high end reliable components and assemble it themselves. Even putting attention to detail of trying to sound proof the units and make them as quiet as possible.

On my dealings with Nick, Lisa and the crew we were more than happy with the whole process as they were very helpful, super friendly and the final outcome has been amazing. I never ever thought that I would enjoy a Wonthaggi winter, but when your house can be controlled to have every room set at a beautiful temperature and to walk on warm concrete with bare feet it’s the best. Not to mention exceptional for people with allergies.

We have had friends visit and comment that the concrete floor actually feels soft on your feet due to the hydronic heating. Hot air rises and when it comes from floor level up you always have warm feet and legs, which is something that can’t be said for other heating mediums that give you a stuffy uncomfortable heat. My wife also loves how quick it dries the clothes not having to use the dryer, which as we all know pushes the power bill up.

The cooling in summer was also very efficient and comfortable even with the humid days, where other systems can struggle to keep up. I was a bit skeptical when Nick explained to me that the system can also cool the slab and all that we would need is ceiling fans to circulate the air. Well he was right, it works fantastic.

The systems that AusGeothermal practice have been around for decades in Europe and the USA and after experiencing it first hand, my wife and I have to confess that we couldn’t live in another house without hydronic heating and cooling. Especially with electricity prices going up and up, this is the only way to go for the future.

~ Trevor Bluhm