Home Owner Solutions

AusGeothermal can install heating solutions for your home anywhere in Australia

AusGeothermal leads the way in the manufacture, supply and installation of high energy efficiency systems with heat pump COP* of 4.2 and above for:

  • Ducted Heating and Cooling
  • Sanitary and Bulk Hot Water
  • Hydronic Heating
  • Pool Heating.

Our hydronic heating systems are especially designed for home owners as they are family-friendly. With up to 70% less running costs and the technology lasting 5 times as longer compared to gas-based systems, AusGeothermal can provide the ultimate in comfort control.

* COP is an abbreviation for Coefficient of Performance, which is a measure of efficiency. COP of 4.2 means our systems are efficient. For every KW of power input you will get 4.2KW of heating or cooling output.