Air Source Hydronic Heating Heat Pumps/ Ground Source Heat Pumps – AusGeothermal

Ambient Heat Pumps

Designed for a wide range of heating, cooling and hot water applications

  • Climate control for your home: you can expect the ultimate experience in comfort, performance and reliability
  • One system can provide all of your home heating, cooling and hot water requirements
  • Ideal replacement for existing hydronic wood fired and gas fired boilers
  • Easily off settable with solar power
  • Affordable
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia

➢ What it does

✓ Hydronic in slab heating and cooling     
✓ Hydronic radiator and convector heating
✓ Ducted heating and cooling
✓ Domestic hot water heating
✓ Commercial hot water heating
✓ Process heating and cooling
✓ Hospitals, Aged Care, Hydroponics and more

➢ Benefits

✓ Environmentally friendly
✓ Clean, healthy and dust free environment
✓ Ideal for asthma/allergy sufferers
✓ Low running costs with high C.O.P
✓ Low maintenance

➢ Features

Ambient Variable Speed Air Sourced Heat Pumps have been designed and manufactured with energy efficiency and ease of installation in mind. Only the best quality products make it into our heat pumps utilising the latest technology.


✓ Ease of installation
✓ BLDC Variable Speed Copeland Scroll TM Compressor
✓ Matched with Carel speed drive
✓ Electronic refrigerant expansion valve
✓ Variable speed fans
✓ Microprocessor controls with on board user interface

Our heat pump software has been custom designed to manage compressor envelope and full system modulating range to the highest efficiency possible. (Software and trademark is licensed to AusGeothermal only.) We have coupled these quality components to water marked heat exchangers and are cased in our heavy duty galvanized and powder coated heat pump unit casings.

➢ Product Installation

For ease of installation all Ambient Variable Speed Air Sourced Heat Pumps are fully commissioned as part of our manufacturing process, then quality tested prior to dispatch from our factory.

Each come equipped with below:

Each hydronic unit comes equipped with

■ Each Hot Water unit comes equipped with

+ Optional

Hydronic circulation pump expansion tank

Pressure relief valve

Auto fill kit and fill point
(Hot water models have hot water circulation pump fitted)
► ► ■
Ambient Variable Speed Air Source Heat Pump on board controls
are standard from factory and are pre-set ready for use
► ■ ●
Stainless steel hydronic buffer tanks (also available)
Stainless steel hot water tanks (also available)
1.5 metre buffer tank or supply water temperature sensors are supplied with units
► ■ ●
1.5 metre hot water tank temperature sensors are supplied with hot water models
Power supply isolation switch mounted on unit casing for quick and easy installation
► ■ ●
Ambient Variable Speed Air Source Heat Pumps can also be controlled
via a range of external control devices as below:

Standard room controls
► ■ ●
Innovum Heat View
► ■ ●
► ■ ●
► ■ ●
► ■ ●
► ■ ●

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